Marketing Your Home in the Age of COVID

Marketing Your Home in the Age of COVID

  • Bruce Glazer
  • 03/22/21

Many people are worried about selling their homes during the pandemic. Not only are they unsure of how the real estate market will perform in the next few months, but they also have uncertainty about their own living and working conditions due to job loss or work-from-home situations that may transition back to office work. The number of homes for sale in South Loop and the rest of Chicago plummeted during the heart of the pandemic by as much as 43%, making inventory scarce and competition for homes fierce. As vaccines roll out and many have more clarity about their future, experts predict that more homes will be listed and the market will slowly shift toward a more buyer-friendly environment. That means that selling your home now while inventory is low is the perfect way to sell it quickly and for a higher price. Ready to work with a South Loop realtor to list your home? Here’s what you need to know about marketing it during COVID.

You Need to Have High-Quality Images and Video

When you’re selling your house during the pandemic, you need to make sure it can compete against other homes for sale in South Loop. According to a recent survey, the first step that 43% of potential buyers took in the home-buying process was to look online at properties for sale. That means your home has to look appealing in images and videos to entice buyers to see it in person or make an offer. Now is not the time to skimp on photographs or videos. Work with a professional photographer who specialized in taking images of homes that can be used in the listing and other marketing materials.

You should also consider hiring a videographer to create a virtual tour of your home. The pandemic has caused the real estate agent to make a major shift toward using technology in both the home buying and selling processes. Virtual tours have increased the rate at which realtors can sell properties as they can be done from anywhere at any time. This opens the door for buyers who live out of state (or out of the country) or those who don’t have time to attend open houses or take tours in person. If you have a quality virtual tour of your home, you’ll have a strong advantage over those sellers who do not.

Staging is More Important Than Ever

Your South Loop realtor is likely to advise you to get your home professionally staged before you have images and video taken of it and before any showings take place. A professional stager is one who is trained to arrange and decorate homes in a manner that makes them more appealing to potential buyers. While hiring a stager is always a good investment, many people are opting to stage their homes by themselves during the pandemic to limit the number of people and outside furniture or décor in their homes.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional, staging is a key part of selling your home in this environment. Make sure you take pandemic conditions into consideration and stage a dedicated home office as well as other designated spaces for things like home-schooling, working out, and just taking quiet solitary time. These are all things buyers will be looking for in homes during COVID. If you plan to have a virtual tour done of your home, you may also be able to virtually stage it. This means you don’t physically have to change your home at all—it will all be done with simulation software. This limits the amount of effort you have to put in and lets your imagination run wild when it comes to selecting décor and furniture.

Online Marketing is Key

One of the best decisions you can make when marketing your home during the pandemic is to invest in online ads. Your South Loop realtor should either have someone who is savvy about online marketing on their team, or they should work with a professional online marketer who can create an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram to promote your property. Online marketing can be incredibly targeted, meaning you’ll spend less money advertising while reaching a select group of potential homebuyers who are likely to be interested in homes for sale in South Loop or other Chicago neighborhoods. Most buyers are learning about new home listings through social media, so this should be a top priority in your marketing campaign.

Work with a South Loop Realtor with Connections

A good local realtor will have connections with potential buyers as well as other professionals in the industry, fellow realtors, and a wide network of colleagues who can help them sell your home. These connections are invaluable in a competitive market where homes for sale in South Loop sell quickly and for an above listing price. When your South Loop realtor is well connected, you shouldn’t have to spend as much time or money marketing your home as they can often locate potential buyers before your house is even listed.

When looking for a realtor, make sure to ask those you are interviewing about their experience in the area and what type of homes they typically sell. You can also inquire into their community involvement, whether they belong to networking groups or other professional organizations, and how much time they typically devote to marketing each property they represent. These questions will help you identify the ideal real estate agent for your specific needs and help your process go more smoothly.

Are you ready to sell your Chicago area home? Don’t be afraid about adding your property to other homes for sale in South Loop during the pandemic. This is a hot market, and low-interest rates are prompting potential buyers to act fast. When you work with an experienced South Loop realtor like Bruce Glazer and market your house correctly, you can sell your home quickly and safely.

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